What is the best Medicare Advantage plan 2019?

The country’s government most important task is to provide each citizen with the aide to have a comfortable life. The reason why they build government schools to educate less fortunate and budget-friendly hospitals to accommodate those who are sick. Aside from infrastructure, they also create and implement laws and policies for the people like mandatory health insurance and such.

The health issue is one of the biggest challenges in each and every country. Why? Because it will prevent the productivity of a citizen in his or her day to day life at work. Most especially if a disease is viral and communicable, it threatens not just the life of the patient but the entire nation.

So politicians push the implementation of affordable health insurance for people with disabilities and senior citizen. Some of the plans cover hospital bills, medicine, and others. There’s a lot of available plans today, let’s take a look at some of the best Medicare Advantage plans 2019.

  • Advantage N – a plan that waived hospital bills.

Different plans have different coverage, if you go for cheaper plans then expect to get less coverage than those pricey ones. This plan is the most affordable compared to the other plan but do not worry too much about the coverage because all you have to pay is your health care provider and the emergency room. When you are confined in the hospital, your bills will be waived.

  • Advantage G – a plan with a lower rate.

If you are looking for the most affordable plan then this plan is for you. This is good for a senior citizen because you can really save money. Don’t worry about the bills and medicine, you can spend money to your grandkids since this will not cost you much. However, though its cheap this plan also has a yearly payment so you got a whole year to save for your next due.

  • Advantage F – a plan with no extra charge.

This Medicare plan is like a one-time big-time payment. After you enrolled, you don’t have to worry about paying doctors or hospital bills because it will provide you hundred percent insurance. This is important especially for those people who retired and don’t have enough financial means to support each check-up.