Once you have practiced these, you can move to the next step.

Techniques On How To Master LoL (League Of Legends)



I bet you are here because you want to master LoL as you think you have not yet experienced full power over your opponents or perhaps you find it hard to reach another level before can even play the real battle. You have to be decisive about the game, though. You may want to just buy a leveled account specifically from gamestore.live, a website that sells virtual gaming needs.



The Basic Steps To Become A Master Player



  1. Know the mechanics.


Every game has mechanics to follow, to be kept in mind while you are playing. You need to learn the League of Legends mechanics from basic to complex. Learning the basic includes perfect last hitting, casting spells at an opportune time for a maximum impact, keeping sound reactions over situations in the game, and being able to move champion. You also need to learn to cancel animation.


  1. Have a game awareness.


This includes the ins and outs that happen in the game. Know the objectives as a role-player in the game so that you will be able to focus on the targets. Research about the characters, their abilities, rank, fame, etc. Also be aware that this is a team fight, meaning there are characters that depend on you.


  1. Practice concentration.


Every game needs concentration whether it is real or virtual. It is a skill that is not inherent in every individual. Concentration includes keeping your eyes on the screen, the map, timer, the tab screen, summoners, gold, and a lot more. You need to be aware of all the elements in the game simultaneously. You do not focus on one element at a time.


  1. Be familiar with the timings and specializations.


This talks about the specific timers you should keep up with. They fall on the different facet on the gameplay. Beating the timer is something that you should be proud of.


These are just general steps to become a master. But certainly there are more specific things to consider. Again, if you want to just enjoy the real battle you can always purchase a leveled account online.