Buying a Shih Tzu Puppy

Buying a Shih Tzu PuppyPuppies must be at least 13 weeks old before moving to their new home, if you're thinking of buying a Shih Tzu puppy please consider the following:

HAVE YOU......

  • Taken time to seriously consider all the ramifications of owning a puppy and the ways your life could change?
  • Discussed the decision with the other people in your life who will also be affected by the new puppy?
  • Made arrangements for the care of your new puppy? ie; Do you have a yard? Have you chosen a vet? Is there a safe place to play and sleep?


  • Take full responsibility for your new puppy and all its needs for the life of the dog, possibly as long as 18 years?
  • Invest the time, money, patience and caring it takes to train a dog to be a good companion?
  • Receive the Joy and Happiness a Shih-Tzu will bring to your life?