Shih Tzu Care

Shih Tzu CareThere are some things we need you to remember about us.     Our reason for "being" is to give love, and we need to be loved too!     The quality of our life depends on that love and companionship.     Don't ignore us, or leave us out.     We don't mind if you leave us home alone, just make sure we are safe, have toys, water and food.     We can't talk in your language, but we do communicate with our eyes and our tails, you know what I mean?

Remember we are little and we need someone to protect and care for us.     We have short noses and heat can kill us.     Don't leave us in a car alone, or outside in hot or cold weather.     Don't leave us alone with untrained children or around animals that could hurt us.     Make sure we are tattooed, tagged, or have a chip so if we get lost a human can help us find our way home again.     Be sure we are safe around the swimming pool, jacuzzi, and other bodies of water.     Keep us in a fenced yard, or on a leash so we can't unknowingly wander into traffic or be stolen.

We have a long double coat and we need maintenance, we need our hair combed so we don't get tangles.     Please be sure our faces are clean and our eyes and ears are maintained.

We need to always have lots of clean water, quality dog food, vaccinations and yearly vet check up.

Well, I have my personal opinions too.!     I believe we need something soft to lay on, a comfortable safe place to play and sleep, toys to keep me busy when you can't be with me......... and I won't complain if you spoiled me.