Shih Tzu Personality

Shih Tzu PersonalityHi, glad you stopped by. We love company!     We may bark to announce your arrival, but don't get that wrong, we're not yappers.     We are very trusting, everyone's our friend.     We like to smell where you've been, who you've been around and we really like it when you greet us and tell us how beautiful we look.     Some of us carry gifts to greet you with while others wait for you to bring gifts, a toy, or a treat will do just fine.     Personally, I stand on my back legs with a present in my mouth until you pick me up and tell me you missed me.     I admit sometimes I misjudge my presents, I have been known to carry a dirty sock in my mouth when greeting you.     Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

I am so happy to see you, my sole purpose for "being" is to be your companion and give you LOVE!  I don't hunt, protect, pull, track or attack.     I just give love, play, eat and sleep.     You are the most important thing in my world.     My people say my hair falls over my eyes so that I never see the faults in humans.

I'm adaptable.  I mold my personality around the people I live with as well as the environment around me.     I use my 6th sense to intuit how you want me to interact with you and I respond accordingly.     If you want to Play - I'm ready at the drop of a ball.    If you want to Travel - I can't wait to see the next new place.    If you want to Rest - I'm happy and content sleeping on a soft place next to you or stretch out on the floor, more often than not, it will be belly up.     Oh yes, I snore.     Personally I like soft...... a quilt, or pile of clean clothes will do just fine.

We are lively and alert but not in the least bit high strung.     We love toys and walks.     We are intelligent, even though many times we act like clowns.     Some say we are a little stubborn but we love to learn new tricks.     Most of all, we love you...... and we show how much we love you all the time.     We are not demanding, well, maybe a little when you first come home.     I'm curious too, I sit and watch you work, I tilt my head from side to side as if to figure out what you are doing and why your doing whatever, instead of playing with me.

I act very independent, but I might be a little codependent.     When you feel bad, so do I.     I'll lick your face and lay right next to you until you feel better.     If you have any doubt about how much I love you, just look into my eyes.     The eyes tell the truth you know.     Oh yes, did I mention I am also wise? There is an old tale that the souls of erred monks entered our bodies when we were the "temple dogs."     Well, maybe or maybe not, but for sure, there is a lot of love per square inch.

Normally we are happy, outgoing, affectionate, friendly, trusting, self-assured and.... proud of it!     Just watch us, we hold our head high, and have a distinctively arrogant carriage.     Our plummed tail is softly curved over our backs and carried gaily.

We are the perfect size 8-11 inches high and just a little longer than tall.     Our weight is also perfect, 9-16 pounds, perfect for your lap, yes?     The luxurious long flowing double coat may have you believing we are all hair, but don't be fooled.     We are compact, solid and carry good weight and substance.     We are not prejudiced, all colors are acceptable to our standard.

Just watch our gait, straight, smooth, flowing, effortless movement with good front reach and equally strong rear drive.     You might say we know where we are going and have a regal dignity that demands respect.